Sued for Student Loan Debt?

Student loan default rates are at record levels. Now many of these student loan lenders are filing lawsuits against borrowers.

You should do everything in your power to prevent these lawsuits from turning into judgments.  Please call me to discuss your options now.  (800) 220-4318

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Q: What can happen to me when I default on my student loans?

A: Depending on your type of loan, you run the risk of having your wages garnished. Your tax refund can also be seized for federally backed student loans. If the student loan lender is a private lender and not backed by the state or Federal government then they cannot garnish your wages. However, if they sue you and obtain a default judgment then the student loan creditor has more collection options against you.

Q: I have been sued for a student loan, what happens if I just ignore it?

A: If you do not respond to the lawsuit, you will have a default judgment against you. With a default judgment the creditor will then have more powers, including garnishment of your bank accounts. This applies even for a private student loan. Private student loan lenders cannot garnish your bank account without a valid judgment. If you have been sued, you should strongly consider hiring a student loan lawsuit defense attorney. Please contact our firm for a free no obligation consultation.

Q: What are my best options if I have been sued for a student loan or I defaulted?

A: We may be able to assist you in working out a repayment plan with your student loan creditor or even challenging the debt based on your unique defenses. Some lenders may be more likely to agree to a discount in the amount owed if you have a law firm on your side. Contact us now to get a no obligation flat fee quote to see how we can help you. 

Q: Can I just file for Bankruptcy?

A: Unfortunately student loan debts are extremely difficult to get discharged in Bankruptcy. To qualify you have to show an undue hardship which is an extremely high threshold. Since we also practice Bankruptcy law, please contact us to further explore this option and other options regarding your student loan debt.

Q: What are the Fees?

We do not have an hourly rate, they should be outlawed.  We charge FLAT FEES and we can quote you a flat fee after briefly discussing your situation with you.


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