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Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

Credit card companies and debt buyers have become more aggressive in pursuing debts recently. Lots of creditors will either sell old credit card debt to a debt buyer or they will file a lawsuit themselves. A lawsuit against debtors for an old debt is a common end result.

Many consumers try to defend the lawsuit themselves. This may end with the consumer having a judgment against them for the full balance plus attorneys fees and other costs. The Rules of Civil Procedure must be followed properly, even by non-attorneys and many judges do not give any kind of break to non-attorneys when it comes to the rules of procedure. Creditors will most likely win on a technicality if you try to defend the lawsuit yourself. We charge affordable flat fees and we offer payment plans. You may find you can afford an attorney rather than losing by a judgment.

We here at Weston Legal, have defended literally thousands of credit card lawsuits. Debt lawsuits in require knowledge of all the specific defenses applicable to defending credit card lawsuits. Each case is unique, requiring knowledge of the court where the case was filed, the creditor who filed the lawsuit, and the opposing attorney.

All of these factors combined influence the best way to defend a specific credit card lawsuit. Let us examine your lawsuit and determine the best course of action.


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