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Judgment Defense

The cause of most judgments is a lack of a written response to the lawsuit against them. Many judgments are a result of the consumer defending with out a professional attorney in representation. Judgments can result in garnishment of bank accounts, liens on property, and seizing of property with a writ of execution. The creditor can try many other tactics, such as sending you post judgment discovery questions to answer. Post judgment depositions are also a common tool that creditors use. If you fail to respond to post judgment discovery or fail to appear at a post judgment deposition you could eventually be held in contempt of court.

Always take Judgments seriously. They can be renewed to last ten years or more. Your credit score can be hurt by Judgments. Do not simply assume that the creditor cannot collect from you or otherwise make your life difficult. If you have a judgment against you for a debt, let us examine your situation and see if we can assist you. We have helped thousands of consumers with debts and many of them have had judgments. A release of an existing judgment is one possible action we can take on your account, so as to not follow you for a lengthy period.

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