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Student loan Lawsuit Defense

Wanting a better education is the driving reason to obtain student loans. Default rates are at record highs due to the slowing economy, while creditors are pursuing many types of collection strategies. One of these strategies used by collectors is to file a lawsuit to try and obtain a judgment for the full balance, plus costs, interest, and attorneys fees. The creditor often sues the guarantors of the loan in additional to the borrowers. Since student loan debts are generally not dischargeable in bankruptcy, it is important to respond to the lawsuits. Please hire an experienced debt defense attorney to ensure a positive result.

We have defended thousands of collection lawsuits at Weston Legal in response to creditors filings. Student loan lawsuits need to be taken seriously as they are on the rise.The lawsuits require knowledge of all defenses. We can examine your student loan lawsuit and determine the best course of action for you.

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